Rakoff & Associates LLC

Creative Solutions to Human Capital Strategy Challenges


With over 30 years experience helping organizations identify and pursue opportunities to get the most value from their workforce.  That experience includes work in a number of DoD entities and other government departments, as well as commercial firms in the health care and technology sectors. 

Our approach always starts with understanding the work that the organization has to accomplish, then using appropriate analytic tools and models to assist in the design of an effective and efficient workforce strategy to accomplish that work.

For more information on how we can help your organization address these human capital challenges, please email Dr. Stuart H. Rakoff, President,  at shr@rakoff.net.


Government organizations and private companies have come to recognize that their most important source of sustainable performance is the quality of the people they recruit, train, and employ.  In military terms, people are the “force multiplier”.  But experience suggests that old ways of thinking persist despite pretty speeches about organizations’ commitment to treat their people as assets - not expenditures.